About Us

Strategic Pools is the most distinguished swimming pool builder of in ground & Terrace pools. By offering expert design solutions and innovative construction techniques we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality pools.

Our Mission

Our Mission to provide clients with a one point opportunity, to accomplish an individual, innovative outdoor investment by:

  • Providing clients with professional advice in planning, designing and building swimming pools.
  • Working with each individual client to create unique designs tailored to the specific project requirements and needs.
  • To identify lifestyle opportunities that will increase family time together and property value.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Premium Pools brings together human creativity and computer accuracy to create the most advanced design in above-ground pools. The components are carefully crafted using the latest materials which results in a product that performs as well as it looks for years to come. It provides the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle you deserve.

Outdoor swimming pools can be of many types like Garden Pools, Terrace pools, Lap pools, Commercial Pools etc.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor swimming pools, while still considered a pretty fancy feature in the home, are truly gaining popularity in mainstream India.

To have an indoor pool usually requires building an addition to your home or having an enclosed building. Or, as the case with an Endless Pool, neither is necessary if you have the proper room in your home already.

Project Gallery

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Services Overview

We offer the following services:

  • Civil Works
  • Filtration System
  • Pool Accessories
  • Allied services
  • Maintenance services

Contact Us

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